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Learning with us

We have a proven record of success in teaching learners of all levels to drive.

You will learn to drive well at your own pace in a quality car.


The course will be structured to suit you and will include all you need to pass the theory test, the practical test and beyond.


Learning to drive well is about more than just passing the test in your local town.

At The Automatic Driving School you will learn how to deal safely with many situations on a variety of roads in different towns and rural areas.


By the time you pass your test you will be ready to drive confidently anywhere.

Well prepared


When you start your course you will be given all the information you need about the theory and driving tests.


We offer FREE online theory training through Theory Test Pro saving you the considerable costs of all the theory books and dvds.


You can also try computer mock tests and mock driving tests to ensure that you reach the highest standard possible in every area of your driving.


Your course will be structured for you from beginning to end.


Value for money


There is no substitute for experience and you can be sure of benefitting from many years of successful training.


You will be able to learn everything you need to become a safe and confident driver in future. 


You will get quality training in a quality car and reach your full driving potential.


Loads of practice


There is also no substitute for practice and we will ensure that you spend most of each lesson on the move, practising your new driving  skills in the comfort and safety of a dual controlled Mercedes automatic.


You can be certain that you will have as much practical driving as possible before you pass your test and drive without supervision.